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Classical Music
Posted On 06/12/2008 01:46:43 by Senait
Ever wonder the people behind the amazing Ethiopian classical songs we hear in restaurants. Well Watch this video.... Read More

Tsegai Eshetu Says Flag is life
Posted On 06/10/2008 21:51:56 by RickyRoma
Asked by a reporter from ETV, artist Tsegai Eshetu said flag is identity, who we are and is life.  He said he cried while Derartu cried after winning a race. He experssed his affection and admiration to Derartu. The singer moved to ethiopia from DC a couple of years ago. ... Read More

Queen Of Sheba's palace found
Posted On 05/08/2008 01:50:12 by Melat
Scientists from German digging under Axum find what they beleive to be Queen of Sheba's palace.  Read More... Read More

Ethiopia rejects Amnesty accusations over killings in Somalia
Posted On 05/08/2008 01:34:51 by Melat

ADDIS ABABA, May 7 (Reuters) - ethiopia accused Amnesty International of a smear campaign against it on Wednesday after the rights group said Ethiopian troops in Somalia had killed civilians by slitting their throats.

Thousands of Ethiopian soldiers are stationed in Somalia where they are helping the government fight Islamist-led insurgents, among them al Shabaab militants who are designated by Washington as a foreign terrorist organisation. Read More... Read More

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