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Mengestu Sentenced to Death
Posted On 05/28/2008 00:39:23 by RickyRoma
The former leader of Ethiopia is sentenced to death by the supreme court of Ethiopia. The court overturned a previous life sentence on genocide charges for the Marxist lieutenant colonel and 17 of his associates, who were first punished last year after a decade-long trial. Read More at VOA.   ... Read More

Queen Of Sheba's palace found
Posted On 05/08/2008 01:50:12 by Melat
Scientists from German digging under Axum find what they beleive to be Queen of Sheba's palace.  Read More... Read More

Ethiopia rejects Amnesty accusations over killings in Somalia
Posted On 05/08/2008 01:34:51 by Melat

ADDIS ABABA, May 7 (Reuters) - Ethiopia accused Amnesty International of a smear campaign against it on Wednesday after the rights group said Ethiopian troops in Somalia had killed civilians by slitting their throats.

Thousands of Ethiopian soldiers are stationed in Somalia where they are helping the government fight Islamist-led insurgents, among them al Shabaab militants who are designated by Washington as a foreign terrorist organisation. Read More... Read More

S. Africa, Nigeria and Ethiopia Dominate African Athletic Meet
Posted On 05/05/2008 00:27:56 by Melat
South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Kenya have dominated the African Athletics Championships, capturing a combined 30 of the 44 gold medals. South Africa finished on top with 12 golds and a total of 22 medals. Nigeria was second with 19 medals, seven of them gold. Host Ethiopia took third with 15 medals including a gold-silver-bronze sweep in both the men's and women's 10,000 meter races. VOA's Peter Heinlein was at Addis Ababa stadium for the five-day meet, and captured the excitement at the wo... Read More

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