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They both do really well

The artist responsible for designing several directors also contributed greatly to their own mechanics, which, Kemp says, is the reason why they flow so well.

Jagex has also made best way to make money in runescape mobile community opinions a priority together with Old School. (After all, the match was only released because almost 500,000 people asked for its return) On top of play testers, it is thanks to players the raid came smoothly. The day following Xeric's launching, the team put a sizeable patch addressing minor grievances day-one raiders had increased.

"It would be very naive people to feel that, when we put a bit of content outside, it's perfect," Kemp said. "It is something we do together with every single upgrade. Everybody stops and looks at what people are saying about that upgrade, and it alters quickly. That is part of the delivery process."

Tracking feedback is 1 thing, but studios don't put all hands-on community deck for just any update. Jagex was anxious about Xeric's reception, and rightly so. It was a gamble.

So, obviously, the group isn't opposed to performing more raid content. In reality, Bridges says, they are eager to further capitalize on Xeric's modular design and launch more challenge rooms, maybe even reevaluate a few of those skill challenges that did not make the launch date. But in its current state, Xeric, like Deadman Mode prior to itexposes a bolder side of Runescape too frequently overlooked by people out of touch with the game.

That's coming into our business strategy as well. We have three prongs. The first is that the most obvious, which is to continue to nurture and protect our RuneScape games. We've got two matches: the modern version, only known as RuneScape, and also a retro version on the code base from 11 decades back, Old School RuneScape. They both do really well. We're going to keep building, incrementally modernizing, and innovating together with people.

The big move there how to make money on runescape would be to take those matches on to cellular. They were browser based back in the afternoon. We have transferred them into customer games in more recent years, modernizing the tech. Bringing them to cellular isn't a port. It is really allowing players to get involved in the same universe with the very same accounts, the very same characters, the exact same virtual bank accounts. They could play on PC at the same minute, log off, go out for a stroll, get on a bus, then go to work, and then continue playing on their mobile device.

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