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Ethiopian Maid burned with boiling water in UAE - Al Jazeera Video - Nazret.com
Posted On 10/07/2009 18:00:03 by ethiomeetreporter
An Ethiopian maid in United Arab Emirates speaks to Al Jazeera about the abuses she suffered under her employer. Just like thousands of other maids in the Middle East, our sister was offered a job, a regular wage and a safe place to live, instead maids are regularly raped, battered, abused by their[Read More at: Ethiopian Maid burned with boiling water in UAE - Al Jazeera Video - Nazret.com]

Tags: Ethiopian Maid Burned With Boiling Water In UAE - Al Jazeera Video - Nazret


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From: amandanunes
04/12/2018 05:17:19

One has to be very careful when proceeding with the testimony of anyone which accuses another nation.

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From: sanawar99
03/23/2017 04:36:39

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