Subject: Ethiopia to launch First Space Mission Next Year
Content: Ethiopia To Launch First Space Mission Next Year; Mission Will Be to Study Effects of Space on Common Items, Report Says By Akalu Aysheshum, CHEWATA's Reporter in Addis Ababa © Copyright and CHEWATA, October 2009 New scientific report released by ESRI (Ethiopia's Space Research Institute) says that Ethiopia will probably launch its first ever space craft into space, millions of miles away from the earth's orbit by mid 2010 and its mission will be to study the effects of the absence of gravity on common household and industrial items. Yenesew Belete, chairman of ESRI's research group, told that Ethiopia's first space satellite will be launched sometime next year along with two space experts to conduct intensive space research that will last for about 6 months. "Our mission will be to test several theories, among which are to know whether or not Teff can be grown in a space craft some 24 million miles away from the earth's atmosphere, whether or not a man can survive eating Kita beMitmita in space without gravity for 6 months ! without being affected by YeHod Dirket , and whether or not people of various hatred-filled political views can be made to change their views while they sit in our spacecraft 23 million miles away from earth staring at nothing but stars and moons for 6 months." According to the released ESRI report, it took Ethiopian scientists over 4 years to complete the design phase of the spacecraft that will be launched into space and it took them an additional 2 years to come up with the path and destination of the spacecraft. "The spacecraft will be manned by two veteran space scientists, Demeke and Ashagre," said Mr. Yenesew. "We will also have Aselefech on board to bake the experimental Kita . Besides the pilots and the crew, there will be a few others who will fly to space to participate on various experiments," added Mr. Yenesew. According to the report released by the Institute, the mission will conduct various scientific and unscientific experiments in space and bring back a detailed report that will be released to the general public after the mission is accomplished. Among the experiments that will be conducted are: A test to see whether or not traditionally made clothes will change their color when exposed to an atmosphere lacking oxygen and gravity so far away from earth. "We are going to hang out Belachew's Gabi out of the space craft to see what happens," said Chief Engineer Demeke Sahle in an interview with referring to Belachew Gelagle, his assistant who will be aboard on this mission. A test to see whether or not it was possible for people to grab or kiss each other without the presence of gravity. A husband and a wife will be traveling on the space craft for this specific experiment. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the wife who is slated for this experiment, told that she was participating in the mission not because of her interest in science but for personal reasons. "I have always wanted to go to America. This is a good opportunity for me to get close to America. I know America is close to Semay ! I have a brother there. I am not coming back once we take off.," she told . An experiment to see whether or not an Ethiopian and Eritrean can get along some 23 million miles away from the earth. "We are going to lock Habtom (the Eritrean) and Aytenfesu (the Ethiopian) in a small, cramped, glassy room of the spacecraft where they will sit next to each other and stare at the vast universe outside to see whether or not they will become friends within that 6 month period and whether or not they will feel any shame about how they felt about each other for all these years. The only things we will supply them will be some oxygen, lots of Hambasha and Quanta with water and a tape player with one copy of the tape of Mahmood Ahmed's song entitled ' Selam' .. This experiment will tell us whether or not Ethiopians and Eritreans can get along in desperate situations," said Co-Pilot of the spacecraft, Ashagre Woldeab. Asked about this historic mission, Ethiopia's Speaker of the House Ato Selemon Gebre said, "It is about time that our country joined the world in space research.  Even China sent one up there the other day.  KeChina Anansim Eko! " The spacecraft, Ethiopia's first ever, is named TEWODROS2nd and will be maintained at the Mekanisa Space Facility until take off time next year. " Goals: No one can predict to what heights you can soar until you spread your wings. "