Title: There is no feeling more extre
Description: There is no feeling more extreme than Enjoy smashing the assault key on a computer keyboard, but furiously tapping away at my phone to conquer a dungeon boss comes fairly close. I recall I loved playing"Maplestory" as a kid not always because I was an exceptional player (in fact, I was horribly inept), but since the endless grinding (doing repetitive activities for an end prize/goal) was both comforting and enjoyable. Those who may reach degree 100 were considered straight up critters -- that, or the person managed to get a bot to grind to them. In an effort to address robots from the game's existence, the creators chose to create the game ridiculously easy to level up. This new bot system installed using the mobile version definitely helps those with little to no hand-eye coordination (praise) manage to get to portals and destinations without even dying en route because of a randomly spawned monster. The first time the autoplay initiated itself during the game was somewhat disorienting; after accepting a pursuit, the app was made to auto-navigate the avatar into the destination of the quest, bypassing a variety of monsters and obstacles without sustaining any damage.