Title: RuneScape Classic shuts the do
Description: Jagex puts the hook on the door for RuneScape Classic - 17 years following the game's launch. It OSRS gold declared the programmer this week. In an open letter in their web pages, Jagex told me that the decision to shut down the match was deleted was not simple. Since the developer no longer has the Ideal tools to Be Certain the experience is secure for everyone, the staff believed it had been the only safe way out: "With the technological advances that helped us to encourage RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, our resources no more fit Classic. This is particularly a problem with respect to the safety of our players and when it comes to discovery of cheating. The game is now readily misused by different third-party tools, and gamers using computer programs to perform themselves have become an ever larger problem. However, Jagex hasn't supported RuneScape Classic for many years, but feel it's just now that the issue is now severe enough. Mistakes which spoil the gaming experience also show up with increasing frequencies, and instead of waiting for something to occur every single day, the developer decided to take the matter in his hands.