Title: Destroy the enemy according to
Description: Destroy the enemy according to Maplestory Mesos the mission to the number of matches. For example, eliminate 100 monsters. Daily assignments are reset daily. Ask the participant. It will Find a certain Quantity of exp (exp of the daily search to chase from the hundred million to the million) To push exp. Will have the principal drive to exp.Nett's beast is a four-tiered monster using 10 waves. From the end of the mission, the player gains about 2M + at a catastrophic degree. And the prize is a sheet of gold leaf or clothes. (The match will probably be arbitrary ).3.2 Star force field at level 100+. Gamers may decide to around the maximum. However, for the author to be 555+ around 45-50 stars, but down to choose the current push at the existing Star Terrace 1 or 2 (information from Maplestory M community Thailand) provided. The money and exp is at a decent amount. The Star Force field is pushed to sleep since 555+ many will release bots. Leave it to sleep before the strike will accumulate a maximum of 360 minutes, leaving up to 6 hours to the force field's strain. 4. Down the Shop. I use it and save it. This push will let the player down . Can not celebration. 4.2 Elite Dungeon is a push for Epic. This strain is a push that we can celebration to a max of 6 people.4.3 Mini Dungeon is a pressure drop for Maple Leaf for missions. There are tempting prizes. Push on this down for one down.