Title: Bullpup Burst becoming a more
Description: For contrast, here are the stats to buy fortnite items the infamous SCAR assault rifle, generally thought of as the most popular and powerful weapon in the game: Legendary SCAR -- 36 body damage, 72 headshot harm, 2.1 second reload. Perhaps, but using the Bullpup Burst becoming a more precise weapon, you could hit your goal (or your target's head) more frequently than with the SCAR. But we are going to have to see how it plays in the game itself. Many people believed that it would be the Submachine Gun course to acquire a new legendary variation next, but still has not happened, according to this burst fire escape. That leaves just scoped ARs with no mythical right now, but I wouldn't expect you for anytime soon. The newly published LMG also doesn't have a legendary version right now. Even if this data is in the game, there is enjoy best service no guarantee when or when the Bullpup Burst will appear at Fortnite BR. It might be as soon as this week, and may be the latest and greatest thing added to the sport, or it may not be. But we should know in a few days.