Title: Brewster especially will be mm
Description: Brewster especially will be Maplestory Items delighted with that having made amends for that shocking miss in the opening few minutes. 13:10 GOAL! ENGLAND 1-0 Mexico 39min: That's magnificent! England win a free-kick central to goal 25 yards out and with a strike I haven't seen in a Three Lions player since David Beckham was on the scene, Rhian Brewster sticks the ball in the top corner with a slightly curling effort. Rhian Brewster struck a 25-yard free-kick to put England in front against Mexico Brewster's strike flew into the top corner six minutes before half-time 13:09 38min: That's our first chance in a long while, and it falls for England. Sancho picks out Hudson-Odoi with a short through ball into the box, but after turning to face goal he is charged down by Lopez. 13:07 35min: One encouraging aspect of England's play is their insistence to get the ball down on play. Not much kick-and-run from Cooper's side but like the senior side chances are proving tough to come by. 13:05 32min: Mexico with a chance to pressure England as they win a free-kick inside the Young Lions' half... only for the poor delivery into the box to be easily cleared. 13:04 29min: Not many chances for either side with defences well on top. The game is being played at a slow pace, perhaps understandable given the hot conditions in India despite the sun having long since set. 12:59 26min: Yikes. Even kids with talent can get it horribly wrong. De La Rosa has options 25 yards out but instead elects to shoot before driving the ball miles over and miles wide. Dreadful effort. 12:56 23min.