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Description: Salman said in a annual he had "absolutely no involvement" in investigating and prosecuting athletes alive in Bahrain's capitalism protests in 2011. Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa has "categorically denied" contempo allegations"Recent allegations are in actuality apocryphal and in actuality denied by Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa," the annual read."While it was proposed that Sheikh Salman advanced a fact-finding lath in affiliation to the challenge of 2011, that lath was never formally accustomed and never conducted any business whatsoever. For the record, and in ablaze of the recycling of acclaimed allegations in the media, Sheikh Salman had in actuality no captivation in the identification, investigation, case or abusage of any individuals as has been alleged."Salman commands boundless abutment in Asia and is a abutting accessory of Olympic powerbroker Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah from Kuwait. He has the "overwhelming support" of the AFC in his presidential bid. Salman is one of seven candidates to alter Sepp Blatter as FIFA president.The others are Prince Ali bin Al Hussein of Jordan, UEFA accustomed secretary Gianni Infantino, Liberian FA admiral Musa Bility, aloft abettor Jerome Champagne, South African Tera Gold abettor Tokyo Sexwale and UEFA admiral Michel Platini.Platini is currently abeyant from football apprehension an assay into a Tera Gold PS4 £1.3million transaction he accustomed from FIFA in 2011, and will abandoned be accustomed to angle in February's elections if he is reinstated afore then. Like our youtube videos or facebook, get more off & coins. Such as OSRS gold, RuneScape gold and more, please go to: